Chantal Cadieux, Artistic Director - Ballet, Body alignment, Pointe, Pre-professional program

Chantal Cadieux lives and breathes dance. Her name is intimately linked to the development and flourishing of dance in Acadia. For as long as she can remember, dance has been part of her life. For more than 35 years, Chantal, a committed artist, has been sharing her knowledge, love, passion and her vision for dance.

Born in Moncton, this choreographer and dancer is a key figure in the world of dance in New Brunswick.  Going beyond her childhood dream of performing original dance creations in Acadia, throughout the past thirty years, she has been the main instigator for the development of the dance sector in the province as well as a source of inspiration for many dancers.

Chantal’s greatest wish has always been to dance and choreograph, but teaching soon became unavoidable. She has trained many generations of dancers and theater performers, who were able to further their passion for performance arts. After completing training at the Royal Academy of Dance, she took classes at l’École Mansio in Aix-en-Provence, the National Ballet School of Toronto, the Université de Montréal, Duke University in North Carolina and the Bates College in Maine. She is constantly looking for new dance trends and keeps her training up to date. Recently, she acquired a white belt in Nia, a Qigong certificate, and participated in various intensive programs such as The Peggy Baker Summer Intensive, the National Ballet of Canada and a writing workshop with Larry Tremblay from Zones théâtrales Ottawa.

In 1979, Chantal Cadieux founded the DansEncorps Productions, the first French dance school and Professional Dance Company in New Brunswick. Her goal was to make dance accessible to more people and demystify this art that was unknown to many. At the time, there was next to no knowledge of dance in Acadia.

Since its beginnings, under the artistic supervision of Chantal, the DansEncorps Company has produced shows that stand out for their originality and creativity. She has choreographed over a hundred works, whether for the Company, the Jeune Troupe, the school or outside contracts. Teaching movement education at the Université de Moncton since 1980, she works alongside the theater world; thus, she is a founding member of the theatre l’Escaouette. Chantal is also a professor at the School of Kinesiology of the Université de Moncton, training physical educators since 1995.

One of her creations, “Sébömatik” featuring Sébastien Belzile, is a 60 minute piece in which Cadieux wanted to express her point of view of the Darwin Theory and man’s evolution in the 21st century. This piece was the first one man dance show in Acadia and was performed over 35 times throughout theatres and schools in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in 2004. In January 2005, the tour continued in France with a dozen shows performed throughout the country.

In December 2005, Chantal created Sans Frontières, for three dancers. This piece was performed in Nigeria, Africa, at the 5th edition of the Jeux de la Francophonie internationale, where DansEncorps received an honorable mention. In 2006, Borderline, which included music from Sting and Piazzelo was performed as part of the new Company show entitled  “Noces d’argent – 25 ans en movement”, which she created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the DansEncorps Company.  That same year, the Company premiered “Noces d’argent – 25 ans en movement”  on April 29th in Moncton and continued with a tour in May performing the show a dozen times as well as offering numerous workshops. 2007 was marked by four new important creations for the Moncton artist. First, “En Panne”, written by André Roy, a 20 minute dance-theatre comedy for 5 performers, toured throughout New Brunswick with 16 shows. Second, “En attente”, a choreography danced to the wonderful music of Loreena McKennett, was first performed on June 10th in honor of Françoise Cadieux. The third piece, a choreography based on the book “Respire par le nez” by Judith Hamel, was created in memory of the author.  Fourth, performed on a text by Marie Cadieux, “Chant de l’heure”, a20 minute choreography for 6 performers, premiered at the international festival “À Corps” in Poitiers, France.  Theatre students from the Université de Moncton accompanied Chantal and her sister Marie in Poitiers. In 2008, DansEncorps produced the show “Borderline” which included one of her newest works, a trio entitled “Les arrives”. In this show, she performed the solo Les passeurs”, allowing her to dance after many years of being backstage. It is then that the Company welcomed Pierre-Paul Savoie who choreographed Va-et-vient for three dancers, one of them being Chantal. Then, in 2010, Chantal created “Bella”, a 12 minute piece for the Company’s newest member, Abra Lagacé (Abra Morrison at the time) which was performed to an original song composed by emerging artist, Jean-Michel Robichaud.

With the desire to put dance on the road again, Chantal designed the “5 à 7 particip-actif” to revive the dissemination of dance. This unplugged concept, is meant for performances in non-conventional spaces. In 2010-2011, the “5 à 7 particip-actif”  show toured across New-Brunswick and Quebec in 12 different venues.

In December 2011, the Company presented the show “Triade”, premiering its newest work by Serge Bennathan, “Éloge du rêve”, a trio that included Chantal Cadieux. Recently, Chantal created the piece “Fess” for the daCi conference in Taiwan, and French choreographer Jackie Taffanel’s “Allons –y” premiered in August 2013.

In November 2010, Chantal Cadieux received the Lieutenant-Gouvernor’s Award for High Achievement in Arts in New Brunswick.


Julie Goguen Carpenter , Educational Director - Jazz, Conditioning, Pre-professional program

Born in Moncton, Julie began dancing at the early age of 3 at the DansEncorps School. Throughout her teenage years, as a member of the Jeune Troupe, she took part in the daCi conference (Dance and the Child International) in Regina and in Kuopio, Finland. In 2001, she had the opportunity to represented Canada as part of the DansEncorps Company at the 4th edition of the Jeux de la Francophonie in Ottawa. Shortly after, she toured across the Maritime Provinces, dancing in the show TempsDanse from the DansEncorps Company.

In 2002, Julie continued her training at Decidedly Jazz Danceworks in Calgary, Alberta where she received a full scholarship for her four years of studying jazz dance. During her time in Calgary, she went on tour throughout schools in southern Alberta with the show History of Jazz and performed in many other shows in the region such as Dance Montage and Alberta Dance Explosions on different occasions. Her taste for adventure led her to accept a dance contract with Carnival Cruise Lines, with whom she travelled the Gulf of Mexico for a year. Julie is trained in Jazz dance, studying techniques such as Simonson, Matt Mattox, Luigi and Jump Rhythm. However, during her 27 years of dance experience she also studied modern dance and ballet at L’École de danse de Québec and at DansEncorps, African dance at Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, as well as hip hop at DansEncorps and numerous other workshops.

For the past five years, Julie has come back to her roots, accepting a position as educational director and jazz teacher and at the DansEncorps School. She is also part of the DansEncorps Company which has enabled her to work with choreographers such as Pierre-Paul Savoie and Serge Bennathan. In 2010, Julie went on tour across New Brunswick and Quebec with the show “5 à 7 particip-actif” from the DansEncorps Company and performed the solo “The Journey” at the 2010 Atlantic Dance Festival. This earned her a nomination for best dancer of the year at the 2012 Éloizes award show. In December of 2011, Julie also performed in the show “Triade” for which she is nominated for an Éloize award for a second time.

Alongside her dance career, Julie has a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from the Université de Moncton and a master’s degree in clinical science research from the Université de Sherbrooke.

    Chantal Baudouin – Contemporary, Ballet, Conditionning, Pre-professional program

Born in Dieppe, Chantal Baudouin discovered her passion for movement through gymnastics. It was at the age of eight, at the DansEncorps School, that Chantal took her first dance class. Ten years later, as a member of the DansEncorps Company, she toured throughout New Brunswick and performed internationally several times. After graduating from high school with excellence, she continued her dance studies at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. In 2012, Chantal graduated from the Professional Training Program, where she studied Graham technique and other various styles of dance such as Horton, Lìmon and classical ballet. Shortly after, she became an apprentice in the Toronto Dance Theatre Company for their 2012-2013 artistic season. In 2013, she danced in New York for the company ProjectLIMB in the show Glass Jaw by Gabriel Forestieri. Recently, Chantal joined the DansEncorps Company once again and regularly teaches at the DansEncorps School. Alongside her dance career, Chantal also coordinated the 9th edition of the atlantic dance FESTIVAL dance atlantique 2014.
    Estelle Dupuis – Hip Hop, Jazz/Hip Hop Intro

Estelle Dupuis was born in Moncton and has been dancing since the age of 3. Currently in her 4th year at the Université de Moncton studying History, she also performs with the DansEncorps Company and has been a teacher at the DansEncorps School since 2009. A graduate of the pre-professional program at DansEncorps, she performed several times for local, national and international audiences, including the Yukon, France, Jamaica and Taiwan. Estelle recently performed in L’École buissonnière, her third contract with the DansEncorps Company. Her other performances with the Company include Connivence by Abra Lagacé and Allons-y by Jackie Taffanel.

Vanessa Chiasson

Originally from Moncton, Vanessa Chiasson is a recent graduate from the School of Toronto Dance Theatre’s Professional Training Program. She initially began her dance training at a young age at DancEast, followed by The Academy of Classical Ballet and Modern Dance. She trained in many styles including ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, and hip-hop, and was given the opportunity to perform, as well
as assist and teach dance classes from a young age. Wanting to intensify her dance training in preparation for a dance career, Chiasson attended the Quinte Ballet School of Canada from 2010 to 2012.

Discovering a passion in contemporary dance, Chiasson attended The School of Toronto Dance Theatre’s summer intensive in 2013, which inspired her to pursue a career in contemporary dance and apply for the three-year post-secondary training program. She has attended many summer training programs to compliment her training, such as Alias Dance Project’s summer intensive program in 2017, and the
ProArteDanza’s Apprentice Program in 2016, where she had the opportunity to perform challenging repertoire work such as Expire by Roberto Campanella and Robert Glumbek. Chiasson also performed in October Sky, a work by Paul-André Fortier, during Nuit Blanche of 2016. In 2015, she also had the occasion to perform at the Atlantic Cirque Festival with Cirque Stella.

Returning to her roots, Vanessa is excited to share her love for contemporary dance across the maritimes.


Rokaya Duval - Ballet

Rokaya began her professional training at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School at the age of ten, and upon graduating from their seven-year program, she performed with The Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company for three years.  In addition to this experience, she also enjoyed an illustrious career as a soloist and a guest artist with companies such as; The Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada (2003-2006), The Alberta Ballet (2007), and The Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company (2008).

Rokaya was honoured to be head choreographer for the IAAF World Junior Track and Field Championships (Opening and Closing ceremonies in Moncton) in July 2010.  She was an integral part of DancEast in 2007 as an Artist in Residence and then full-time faculty member as Ballet Mistress and Associate Director from 2008-2014.  She currently teaches ballet with DansEnCorps in Moncton(Professional Training Program). As well, just recently back in the studio herself, preparing for the return to the stage this upcoming Fall. This past summer Rokaya was Director and Choreographer for the Opening Ceremonies of the 2014 Canadian Transplant Games in Moncton. She is Co-Coordinator and Choreographer for the Moncton Miracles Dancers (2011-present), and is also proud owner of Respiro Dancewear, which just celebrated six years in business.


Jerry Burchill, guest teacher - Jazz

Originally from Saint John, NB, Jerry has been dancing since the age of 8. He is a multi-disciplinary trained dancer in such styles as contemporary, hip hop, jazz, jazz funk and ballet. After dancing competitively up until the age of 17, Jerry moved to Toronto to continue his training and pursue his passion professionally. There he enrolled in two post-secondary dance programs at George Brown College. The 1st one “Commercial Dance Studies”, was a program directed towards becoming an active professional in the Commercial Dance Industry and gaining the ability of being a “triple-threat” performer. And the 2nd one was “Dance Performance Studies”, a two-year ballet training intensive program focused on maximizing technical ability and understanding ballet technique itself. Aside from schooling, Jerry has also trained with two professional dance companies in Toronto: Artists in Motion, a multi-disciplinary dance company, and Cadence Ballet, a professional contemporaryballet company and school of dance. 

He has also performed in many local Toronto productions with established artists and choreographers such as Shameka Blake, Lukas Press and Courtnae Bowman.  There is no end to the exploration, training and learning that comes with Jerry’s passion for dance as a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher!

  • Emma Doiron – Hip Hop
  • Zoé Després – Contemporary/Ballet intro
  • Sabrina Dupuis – Hip Hop, Jazz
  • Claudie Forbes – Jazz
  • Diana Iancu – Multi-danses, Jazz/Hip Hop Intro (Shediac)
  • Marie Gabrielle Comeau, Danse créative (Shédiac)