Creative dance (3 to 5 years old)


In this class the child is stimulated and guided towards creation. It is focused on teaching the basic elements of dance in all of its forms, agility and how to structure a dance. Carefully selected music and props help develop the child’s imagination, motor skills and different creative movements and techniques.




Ballet is a demanding formal technique which particularly develops musicality and movement precision. In order to have solid dance training, one must eventually learn this technique. DansEncorps uses the syllabus from the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D) combined with the Vaganova style. Ballet is a measured and aesthetic learning experience. The basic physics principle is one of outward rotation with the legs from the hip.



Our body is an instrument through which we communicate emotions. This technique is based on different dynamics that can be expressed by our body as a whole. By creating oppositions, our body develops motor and expressive skills through contraction and release, ebb and flow, and through loss of balance and recovery. DansEncorps uses techniques from Martha Graham, José Limon, Nikolais and Cunningham.


Jazz is a technical class that borrows from contemporary, ballet and hip hop, but is distinguished by its style, movement execution and musicality. This style is based on the isolation of body parts and more dynamic and direct movements. The Simonson technique focuses on proper body alignment by strengthening the abdominals and back muscles.


Body placement


Taught by Chantal Cadieux, this class is geared towards adults who want to gradually reconnect with their bodies in an intelligent way. It encourages body awareness through exercise that actively moves the joints and increases cardiovascular capacity as well as gentle gymnastics that improve posture. To encourage ease in movements and apprehension of body techniques, the class combines exercises from different somatic approaches such as Feldenkrais, Alexander, Ideokinesis, Yoga, Body-Mind Centering, Irene Dowd, Alena Baston, and NIA.


Hip Hop


A popular and current dance class that teaches street and studio hip-hop dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that has evolved as part of hip-hop culture. Through styles such as locking, popping and commercial/New style, this class helps develop coordination, rhythm and the expression of personal style.




An introduction to ballet, contemporary and jazz all combined in one class! This class aims to teach these three basic styles in order to introduce more than one style to the dancer. This class is structured in a way to motivate beginners to take up dance through variety. The dancer will benefit from the precision of movement of ballet, the fluidity and freedom of movement of contemporary and the dynamic funky style of jazz.




This class focuses on improving or maintaining components of physical fitness, such as cardiovascular and muscular endurance, muscle strength, body composition, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, speed, power and reaction time. Through aerobic exercises and resistance training, the class is structured to work on the athletic abilities required to be a dancer.




Point is exclusive to girls. After having learned the basics of ballet technique, dancers are invited to learn specific techniques related to points. This technique is a continuation of ballet technique and is very demanding. Students need authorization from the ballet teacher in order to take this class.




This acrobatic dance style from the 1970’s is danced on many different kinds of music such as funk, hip hop, R&B, and more. It is known for its complex foot work, tumbling, and stylized improvised movement.