The Summer Dance Intensive at DansEncorps, known for the quality of the teachers, brings together youth from the same age groups and levels. DansEncorps takes pride in offering a high quality program comparable to those found in North America’s big centers. Further, this training program offered in Moncton will help guide these youth as they emerge as dance artists and assert their identity.

DansEncorps, a Professional Company with more than 35 years of expertise in dance, possesses the resources and tools needed to train and guide young dancers who are looking for an intense training opportunity and a better understanding of the different career possibilities in dance.

The annual summer intensive at DansEncorps in Moncton is a two week program during the summer. The dates, prices, and other important details for this year can be found in the pamphlet. This program is open to everyone and we ensure that all participants are guided and well supervised by our team of professionals.