L’école buissonnière

A mixture of dance and song (for the 4 years old and older)

In L’école buissonnière, a co-production by Compagnie DansEncorps and PPS Danse, Pierre-Paul Savoie has delved into the works of the great French poet Jacques Prévert.  A fantasy-infused performance combining the arts of dance, theatre and music, L’école buissonnière is set to captivate young audiences with its energetic choreography and appealing original musical score.  A world of fantasy and movement, but also, at a deeper level, an exploration of Prévert’s poetry and the solid humanist views of the mid-twentieth century author. The confluence of art and culture in L’école buissonnière makes it an ideal event for performance in school settings, an event that will renew the artistic experience of dance among children and youth.

Learn to count, dream and imagine with the child and the lyrebird. Take a recess with balls and skipping ropes in the school yard. Open your hearts, your ears and your eyes to these revealing fables, and come celebrate with us the world of the child.

Texts : Jacques Prévert
Choreography and staging : Pierre-Paul Savoie
Music : Benoît Côté
Singing : Alexandre Desilets, Amylie
Dancers : Chantal Cadieux, Chantal Baudouin, Dany Desjardins and Rokaya Duva
Rehearsal director : Julie G. Carpenter

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A playful show great for French immersion!



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Carole Chouinard, Company agent
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Les Productions DansEncorps would like to thank the province of New Brunswick, artsnb, and the Secrétariat aux affaires intergouvernementales canadiennes for their financial contribution towards the creation of this work.


Tour 2015

Rimouski : October 14 (showcase)
Grand Falls : October 18
Edmundston : October 20
Moncton : October 22
Dieppe : October 27
Bouctouche : October 28
Shediac : October 29
Miramichi : October 30
Caraquet : November 2
Shippagan : November 3
Tracadie : November 4 & 5
Neguac : November 6
Bathurst : November 9 & 10
Campbellton : November 12
Saint John : November 16
Fredericton : November 17
Dieppe : November 18

Tour 2016

Summerside : April 18
Charlottetown : April 19
Clare : April 22
Moncton : April 24



Show for the public, TRIADE

A 90 minute show including an intermission. The choreographies are selected from a repertoire to suit the target audience and encourage public development. A local dance troupe is invited to perform as an opening act which helps build a direct link with the community.  


A customizable show that can be presented in different various venues (libraries, cafeterias, community centres, etc.) without the need of a stage.  An intimate show with a spokesperson hosting between the performances in order to help the artists connect with the audience. The length of the show varies according to the venue’s need.

School shows

DansEncorps at school (2013-2014) is a 50 minute show that can be customized to any venue for any age group from 8 to 18 years. The Company offers an a la carte menu along with a host, emerging artists and senior members of the Company, depending on the location and time of year.

«L’école buissonnière (2015)» is a 50 minute show for children in Elementary Schools. Stories are danced and sang to feed their imagination and help them be active and creative. 


The Company’s dancers are available to teach workshops tailored to your needs. Whether they are for youth or adults at a beginner to advanced level, a variety of dance styles are available such as creative dance, jazz, contemporary or body expression. Workshop lengths vary between 30 to 90 minutes according to age group.